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Bolina SDK

A software solution to speed up your mobile app

Our Software. Your Infrastructure

Superior Performance. Less Costs


Speed up your
Mobile Delivery

dynamic content

Accelerate your
Dynamic Content

cloud infrastructure costs

Reduce your Cloud
Infrastructure Costs


You probably invested a lot in UX and performance but your app is still running slow -and that is costing you users. Well, that’s probably the last mile’s fault, which is good news: we can solve it for you. Bolina SDK guarantees robust speed even in unstable wireless links, since it optimizes content delivery from end-to-end.

dynamic content

Dynamic Content, such as uploads, API calls or real-time data, is not cachable. This makes it vulnerable to distance, even with a robust cloud infrastructure set up. But no worries: since Bolina is agnostic to content, it speeds up not only static but also dynamic content.​

cloud infrastructure costs

Having a strong cloud infrastructure to deliver quality content all over the world can be complex and costly. We can help you optimize it: Bolina allows you to place your servers in the cheaper regions while maintaining high speed and good performance everywhere.

Bolina is a network coding-based protocol that maintains high speed even with increasing latency or packet loss, optimizing content delivery end-to-end. On average, it is 2 to 3 times faster.

Bolina HTTP

Easy to set-up and developer-friendly

Compatible with any cloud infrastructure

Off-the-shelf integration with HTTP/HTTPS

Monitors UX in real-time

Allows you to immediately test any changes

Mobile App

Content Server

easy deployment
easy deployment
Off-the-shelf integration with
Off-the-shelf integration with any HTTP/https server

You can also use our own HTTP Lib, compatible with Android, iOS and React Native

Instant Connection

Bolina enables a 0ms connection establishment time

Smooth handover

Bolina allows a smooth connection handover between different networks

Reduce Server Load

Bolina enables reducing the number of connections at the server via multiplexing

State-of-the-art Security

Bolina is encrypted end-to-end. Plus, your data is never moved out of your infrastructure

No OS modifications

Use our SDK in any mobile app without any special permissions

Any application layer protocol

Bolina is implemented as a socket that can be integrated with any application layer protocol


If necessary, Bolina falls back to your old architecture

Use Cases

Mobile App Optimization

Guarantee an high-level app performance and get happy devoted users (and advocates).

Go Global with Less Infrastructure

Reduce costs on cloud infrastructure without compromising quality to your users, no matter where they are or which device they are using.

Streaming Costs Optimization

Serve HD video streaming everywhere, across all devices, without the need of costly infrastructure.

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