Bolina Roadmap

Coming Soon

Establishment of a direct connection between two peers, both being behind NAT

  • Two peers with private IP addresses, behind private networks, Bolina will be able to establish a direct connection

Connection migration

  • When Bolina client switches between Wi-Fi and 4G, or between different Wi-Fi networks, Bolina will ensure that the session will be resumed 

Connection keep-alive

  • Will allow configuring the maximum time of an idle connection in the connection pool

APM for logging

  • Enabling access to logs in the private area, allowing remote debug

Native binaries/wrappers for Bolina

  • Provide binaries to run Bolina Server directly without docker

Find the MTU for a session

  • Try to find the best value for the Maximum Transmission Unit and use it as the maximum UDP packet size

A connection between Bolina and Content Server using HTTP 2

  • Enable HTTP 2 support for the connection between the Bolina Server and the Content Server

Option to disable stats

  • Provide an option to enable or disable the stats collection at the Codavel’s Private Area

Create Bolina’s dashboard

  • Provide a dashboard by default in the private area for scenarios other than the sample project

Display network conditions on Demo App results