Sample Project (Beta)

The purpose of Bolina Sample Project is to quickly see Bolina in action. It will only take you 30 minutes to set it all up and see the first Bolina’s performance results in your own environment.

Bolina Sample Project basically emulates different network conditions (namely packet loss and latency) to see how Bolina speeds up HTTP requests in a wide variety of scenarios. In order to make it happen, the Sample Project is composed of two pieces:

  • Server Components (with 3 main services):

The Server Components (Content Server, Bolina Server, and Network Emulator) are orchestrated and managed via docker-compose, with each component having its own docker container. The docker-compose creates an internal network that interconnects all components, exposing only the network emulator to the outside traffic, namely the traffic from the mobile app.

To complete this Sample Project and assess Bolina’s performance, you’ll just need a machine (laptop, desktop or cloud server), a mobile device and follow four main steps:

  1. Register at Codavel’s and set up your private area (if you have done it already, go straight to step 2.)
  2. Set up Bolina Server
  3. Set up Mobile App
  4. Assess performance

All details will be provided to you in a quick, simple guide, after selecting which operating system you’ll use to run the server components. 

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