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Junior Software Developer

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Junior Software Developer

Porto / Flexible
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Junior Software Developer

Porto / Flexible
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Who we are:

We make mobile apps run faster. Do you know that loading of pictures that takes ages, those videos that keep stalling, those photos backups that take forever? That’s what we solve. How? With the only mobile-first CDN in the market. Mobile-first because we have developed a groundbreaking content delivery protocol tailored for mobile apps. We’re still on our first steps, learning how to walk, but we do know where we’re heading. And that’s part of the reason why we’re backed by strong venture capital. The other part is that we are aiming to be a global leading player. Maybe a unicorn, maybe a decacorn. We’re not sure about the mythical creature or fancy name, but we’re definitely aiming big.

This is the perfect time for you to come in and make a strong impact on building a giant.

If you feel that you would fit our culture and you have what it takes to help us build an innovative protocol, and the tools to make it easy to use, you’re the one we’re looking for. To apply, you just need to send an email to, but here’s some advice: please make sure you read everything below carefully.

Who are you:

  • A software developer comfortable with object-oriented languages and who isn’t afraid of facing new challenges.
  • Someone that enjoys good software design practices: unit testing, integration testing and SOLID are not just words for you.
  • Bachelor or higher in Informatics Engineering, Computer Science, or similar.
  • Someone with good written and verbal English communication skills.

         Extra points if you have:

  • Knowledge in cross-platform development.
  • Good understanding of HTTP, TCP/IP and basics of Networking.
  • Experience with socket-level programming.

What you can expect at Codavel:

  • Empowerment. We give everyone the opportunity to make an impact, we expect everyone to take this opportunity.
  • A risk-prone culture. We celebrate failure because it’s a fundamental part of innovation. Also, we have a feedback-based culture, that’s how we keep learning from failures and improving.
  • A transparent culture, with regular all-hands meetings so that we’re all on the same page, all the time.
  • Flexibility to manage your own work, your own schedule, which includes working from home. We value a good work-life balance.
  • A team that will support you and challenge you so that we can all grow together.
  • Have we said we allow pets in the office? And by the way, how are your barbecue skills?
  • Ah, and a competitive salary.

What NOT to expect at Codavel:

  • Rowing a boat alone.
  • Risk-free areas, aversion to failure, or easy-to-achieve goals.
  • Barriers to making your own significant impact, like for example a complex hierarchy that’s impossible to climb.
  • A week that’s just like the week before, or immutable plans.
  • A quiet or boring office environment.

Now you’re aware of what we expect from you and exactly what you can expect from us, so you’re ready to apply if you believe you’re a good fit. Send us an email to with your CV and Motivation Letter, with the subject “Junior developer”.

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