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Our Culture

Our Principles

  1. We love to take risks. We embrace failure as a vital part of innovation. We make sure we fail fast to ensure we can learn faster.
  2. We are comfortable with discomfort. We love being outside our comfort zone. We seek continuous evolution.
  3. We love a long standing sense of urgency. It makes us move fast. Not recklessly, but boldly.
  4. We value speed. Many decisions and actions can be reversed, not requiring extensive study. We are not reckless, but we do take risks.
  5. We deliver. We do what we committed to do: to each other, to our customers and investors.
  6. We know our customers. We all know about our customers needs, how they see our product and the benefit we bring them. We think with our customers at the center.
  7. We collaborate efficiently. We help each other when we have questions, need feedback or help. But we don’t do with two what can be done with one. We always prefer to take the risk and do it individually.
  8. We take feedback as a key asset. We make the most of the feedback we receive and we try to give the most valuable feedback possible. We are kind, but not delicate. We love negative feedback.
  9. We simplify our communication. In every meeting or conversation, we put oneself in else’s shoes, making sure our message is clear and easily understandable. We hate meaningless acronyms, buzzwords and technical jargons.
  10. We are decision makers. We eagerly collect feedback, but we don’t need to wait for consensus. We are independent and we make decisions. We are accountable for the decisions we make.
  11. We disagree and commit. We have strong convictions and we respectfully challenge decisions. After a decision is made, we all wholly commit.
  12. We avoid groupthink. Groupthink limits critical thinking and creativity. We are leaders, not followers.
  13. We are empowered. We give everyone the opportunity to make an impact, we expect everyone to take this opportunity. We think long term and with the entire company in mind, way beyond “me” and “my team”. We know what everyone is doing. There is no such thing as “that’s not my job”. We are all in the same boat.
  14. We make data driven decisions. From product architecture to the place of the coffee machine, data is the primary factor in the decision process. We do take risks and leaps of faith, but whenever possible we are all about data.
  15. We are transparent. If we don’t understand something, we ask immediately. If we don’t agree with something, we state it immediately. There is no gray areas of knowledge and processes for the individual and the team.
  16. We value each other’s time. In our meetings, only the strictly necessary people participate. We value everyone’s opinion, but we communicate to ensure we are aligned, so few people are necessary in each meeting.
  17. We leave our ego outside. We don’t defend a point just to win an argument. We work together to find the right answer. When we win, it’s everyone’s victory. When something goes wrong, we always look first to our own flaws. We value self-criticism and self-improvement.
  18. We love problem solving. We take Claude Shannon’s approach to problem solving: simplify (a lot!), get inspired by solutions to similar problems, take many different angles, break a big problem into small pieces and solve the problem backwards.
  19. We are focused on impact. We strive to make significant improvements in content delivery performance and efficiency. We do not settle with marginal impact. We must be great.
  20. We focus on quality and details. Even the smallest thing can have an impact, so we don’t do things lightly.
  21. We do not reinvent the wheel. Even though quality is our main focus, we make sure we do not do more than needed and do not duplicate work. If our problem already has a solution – even if it is the most boring solution – we’ll take it.
  22. We experiment. We focus on the minimal thing possible, so that we can get it out as fast as possible.
  23. We do every task focused in our major goals. We do more than just finishing tasks. We do not bury our heads in the sand. We anticipate problems, discuss them and do not wait until the last minute to address them. We try to anticipate every step beyond the task in the path for our long term objectives.
  24. We use resources efficiently. We hate inefficient resource usage. We spend company money like it’s our own.
  25. We want everyone to be 100% focused on their core activities. Management processes, machine and device setup and similar activities are automatized to the maximum extent possible. We cut through the red tape.
  26. We are all focused in our mission. There is no place for internal wars. We are motivated by the achievement of our mission, not by beating each other. Plus, we do every task focused in our major goals. We do more than just finishing tasks: we anticipate problems, discuss them and do not wait until the last minute to address them.
  27. We try to anticipate every step beyond the task in the path for our long term objectives.
  28. We are positive. We stay optimistic and excited about our work. We don’t let negative thoughts hold our brain and drag us down. We face problems with the certainty that our passion, our quality and our values will take us towards our mission.
  29. We are aware. We know what we’re best at, but we are also aware of our limitations. We recognize our weaknesses and strive, individually and as a team, to transform them into strengths.
  30. We hire the best. We invest in the best. We continuously raise the bar and we strive for talent and quality. We promote based on talent and results.
  31. We share knowledge with each other. Our common base of knowledge is built around what each one of us can add. We want to be the giant shoulders for each other to allow us to see further.
  32. We respect people. Irrespective of their position, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality or religion, or if they’re Codavel or not. We do not discriminate, neither negatively nor positively.
  33. We accept and embrace weirdness in people. That’s where creativity usually lies.
  34. We respect each other’s workspaces. Even if the office can get chaotic due to the desired dynamics, people may require their virtual bunker for focus. We respect it.
  35. We love our office. We spend a lot of time in our office, so we make the best use of it. That includes having fun.
  36. We are more than a team, we are a family. We help each other, we stand by each other, we know each other in detail. We are mentors whenever possible. We push each other to evolve everyday.
  37. It is not unusual to see paper planes flying, ping pong balls fights or even someone emptying a glass of water in someone’s head. We have fun. We make fun of each other. We show affection. We love each other.
  38. We are Codavel, anytime, anywhere. We always act accordingly. We trust and share information and knowledge. These are our most valuable assets. We honor our confidentiality.