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Codavel is still in its beta stage, therefore we’re offering the Free Tier plan for now. It will allow you to get to know our product, evaluate its performance and stay up to date!

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Free Tier

  • Up to 100k active users per month
  • Auto-upgrade $299 per 50k
  • Ticket-based support level
Free No credit card required
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  • Up to 500k active users per month
  • Auto-upgrade $299 per 50k
  • Rise SLA support level
$599 / month billed annually or $699 billed monthly
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  • Up to 2M active users per month
  • Auto-upgrade $299 per 50k
  • Grow SLA support level
$1.799 / month billed annually or $2.099 billed monthly
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  • More than 2M active users per month
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All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars. International prices vary. Please note that our prices are VAT exclusive. VAT will be billed to EU customers in line with the applicable rates of their member state unless a valid VAT number is provided.


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First Response Time 1 day 4 hours
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We care about the level of service we provide. Please read our SLA Agreement.


What does the license metric “Active users per month” mean?

Bolina is priced by how many unique users connect to a Bolina Server using the Bolina protocol monthly. When you use Bolina in a mobile application, Bolina generates a unique Bolina ID per user (per application), completely anonymized. Once a user’s application makes a Bolina request, this user is considered as active for the remainder of the ongoing month.

Can I get more active users than the package quota?

Yes. You can activate the Auto-Upgrade feature, which will charge the corresponding amount when you spent the previously purchased active users per month quota. If Auto-Update is off when you reach your quota, any new user will still be able to communicate via Bolina, however, all communication will be done via the standard HTTPS protocol.

Can I upgrade my Bolina pack before it expires?

Yes. The remainder of the original Bolina pack will be discounted from the new pack price.

Here’s an example:
On March 12th, you paid $599 for the month of March.
On March 20, you are upgraded to the next tier, the $1.799/month plan.
We refund the 22 days of the $599 plan you didn’t use: 439.67.
We charge you for the 22 days on the upgraded plan: $1.319,27.
We take the sum of the credit and the charge $425.81–and add it to your next bill.
So on April 12th, you are charged $1.758,93.

Can I buy multiple packs for the same mobile app?

No. Each mobile app will have a unique Bolina Deployment ID, and each Bolina ID is mapped to a single Bolina Pack. The same Bolina Deployment ID is used for both the Android and iOS versions of the app. If you wish to use Bolina in two or more apps, you will need two or more Bolina Deployments IDs, each one with an individual and independent Bolina Pack.

Can I get a volume discount?

With respect to the number of active users, volume discounts will be applied only in Conquer Plan. In case you are the owner of more than 3 mobile applications, please contact us for volume discounts.

Can I try Bolina before I buy it?

Yes. You can download the software and use a Free Tier license. Bolina allows you to control which and how many users can use the software so that you stay within the free tier limit. Also, you can use our Sample Project to see Bolina in action in your own environment, within 30 minutes from the download.

What licensing options are available for Bolina?

Codavel offers only term licenses for Bolina. The licenses are based on the number of unique users that make use of Bolina during a month. Codavel does not provide any form of Perpetual license. In case your use case requires a different licensing model, please contact us.

Can I upgrade the support level of my Bolina’s pack?

No. However, if you do feel the unexpected need to upgrade support with respect to what’s included in your Bolina pack, please contact us for available options.

What are the support hours?

Web support is available on weekdays (except holidays). Support will be delivered by a member of Codavel’s technical support team during working hours (9h-18h GMT). Response Times count only weekdays and working hours. You can find more information on Codavel’s Service Level Agreement (Exhibit A – Support Terms and Conditions).

How does the billing cycle work?

Invoices are generated from the first day of subscription (billing period) and will include the prepaid value for the next month (monthly subscriptions) or for the next year (annual subscriptions).

Here’s an example:
You subscribed on the 12th of March, so the credit card will be charged for the monthly subscription on that day. The next payment will be made on 12th April and so on. For customers paying by PayPal or Wire Transfer, Codavel will email the Admin User the invoice with the payment terms.

How can I cancel the monthly subscription?

Go to your private area by signing up at  Codavel’s website and opt to cancel and not renew the subscription or payment method for the next month. This should be done at least ten days prior to Codavel’s next scheduled billing date to avoid being charged for the month in which the invoice will be issued. Codavel will provide the canceling customer with continued access to the package features through the end of their final billing period. Codavel will not prorate or refund any portion of the subscription fees.

How can I cancel the automatic renewal of annual subscriptions?

Access your private area by signing up at Codavel’s Website and opt to cancel and not renew the subscription or payment method for the next year or switch to a monthly plan. This should be done between 45 and 15 days prior to the end of an Annual Subscription period. If any pricing change is applicable, Codavel will email all the Admin User and place alerts on the system. If you fail these deadlines, then Codavel will automatically renew the Annual Subscription for the package.

Does Codavel have refunds?

No. All license fees are non-refundable once paid.

What are the payment options?

We will issue an invoice according to the selected plan. The payment is on a prepaid basis and the available options are: Credit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. Invoices are available on your private area of Codavel’s website.

Credit Card
For monthly and annual billing, you can use a credit card to pay for your Bolina Plan. You’ll see the first credit card charge on the day you upgrade from Free Tier to a paid plan, but here are the other times you’ll see charges from Bolina Software:
On the monthly renewal date if your Pack is on the monthly plan.
On the annual renewal date if your Pack is on the annual plan.
On the last day of the month if you are on the annual plan and there is an outstanding balance from adding new active users packs.

For monthly billing, you can use PayPal to pay for your Bolina Plan.

Wire Transfer
For monthly or annual billing, you can use a wire transfer to pay for your Bolina Plan.

What are the supported currencies?

We offer billing for the following currencies:

  • U.S. dollars;
  • Euros.

We’re working to offer billing in other local currencies as soon as we can.

Are sales taxes applied to my invoice?

Depending on your location, you might be charged sales tax or value-added tax (VAT) when you purchase any of our paid plans.

Can I get support for all versions of Bolina?

No. Codavel provides support according to the chosen plan, including, when available, updates, bug fixes and maintenance releases for as long as your license is active to the then-current major release up to the subsequent update in accordance with Codavel’s Service Level Agreement (Exhibit A – Support Terms and Conditions).  

Here’s an example:
Codavel will support Bolina 3.X until Bolina 5.X is released. When Bolina 5.X is released, then Bolina 3.X will no longer be supported.

We encourage Customers to use the latest version of our Software as much as possible.

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