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Given that Bolina is still in beta stage, the Free Tier is the only plan available at the moment. Subscribe it to get to know Bolina, evaluate its performance and stay updated!

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Free Tier

  • Up to 100k active users per month
  • Auto-upgrade $299 per 50k
  • Ticket-based support level
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  • Up to 500k active users per month
  • Auto-upgrade $299 per 50k
  • Rise SLA support level
$599 / month billed annually or $699 billed monthly
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  • Up to 2M active users per month
  • Auto-upgrade $299 per 50k
  • Grow SLA support level
$1.799 / month billed annually or $2.099 billed monthly
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  • More than 2M active users per month
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Support Plans

    • Free Tier
    • Rise
    • Grow
  • Access to Docs

  • Access to Community Forum

  • Feature Suggestion

  • Global Network Report

  • Ticket Submission

  • First Response Time

    • 1 day
    • 4 hours
  • Direct Access to Team


How is the First Response Time measured?

Support response times are considered only assuming Monday to Friday, 9h-18h GMT, excluding holidays (list of holidays).

Can I try Bolina before I buy it?

Yes. You can download the SDK and use a Free Tier license. Bolina SDK allows you to control which and how many users can use the SDK, so that you stay within the free tier limit.

What does the license metric “Active users per month” mean?

Bolina SDK is priced by how many unique users connect to a Bolina Server using Bolina protocol, in a month. When you use the Bolina SDK in a mobile application, Bolina SDK generates a unique Bolina ID per user (per application), completely anonymized. Once a user’s application makes a Bolina request, this user is considered as active for the remainder of the ongoing month.

Can I get more active users than the package quota?

Yes. You can activate the Auto-Update feature, which will charge the corresponding amount when you spent the previously purchased active users per month quota. If Auto-Update is off, when you reach your quota, any new user will still be able to communicate via Bolina’s SDK, however, all communication will be done via the standard HTTPS protocol.

Can I upgrade my Bolina pack before its end?

Yes. The remainder of the original Bolina pack will be discounted from the new pack price.

Can I upgrade the support level of my Bolina’s pack?

No. However, if you do feel the unexpected need to upgrade support with respect to what’s included in your Bolina pack, please contact us for available options.

Can I buy multiple packs for the same mobile app?

No. Each mobile app will have a unique Bolina Deployment ID, and each Bolina ID is mapped to a single Bolina Pack. The same Bolina Deployment ID is used for both the Android and the iOS versions of the app. If you wish to use Bolina in two or more different apps, you will need two or more Bolina Deployments IDs, each one with an individual and independent Bolina Pack.

Can I get a volume discount?

With respect to the number of active users, volume discounts will be applied only in PACK 3. In case you are the owner of more than 3 mobile applications, please contact us for volume discounts.

What licensing options are available for Bolina?

Codavel offers only term licenses for Bolina SDK. The licenses are based on the number of unique users that make use of Bolina during a month. Codavel does not provide any form of Perpetual license. In case your use case requires a different licensing model, please contact us.

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