Give every user a
5-star experience. optimal performance.

Be always in Control

Codavel SDK gives you end-to-end control over the network, ensuring your app is fast and responsive, no matter what’s the user network, device or location

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How it works

Control the network
from end-to-end

The inherent unpredictability of wireless connectivity is killing the responsiveness of your mobile app. This can only be solved by tackling what's currently out of your control: the network. With Codavel SDK you can have the same performance regardless of where your user is or his network improving stability and reducing frustration.

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Main Features

Faster loading times,

better business KPIs

Drag and Drop SDK
for Android and iOS

Improve your app’s performance for every user with an SDK that controls the network end-to-end, regardless of link conditions. Just three lines of code and you are in control!

Better Loading Times,
Improve your business metrics

With Codavel SDK you’ll be able to ensure every user has a 5-star experience, which will boost your KPIs: DAU, Retention and Churn Rates, Session Duration, Sessions per User, LTV, ARPU, Conversion Rate.

Mobile App Audit,
giving you AI-generated insights

Codavel gives you a monthly audit with the best insights about your app's performance, showing how you can maximize your business KPIs and optimize infrastructure costs.