Shielding your app from
Wi-Fi 3G/4G

We speed up what CDNs can’t: mobile apps over wireless links. With our in-app networking SDK, your app becomes robust to instability and faster on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

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Bolina SDK

Controls the network
from end-to-end

The inherent unpredictability of the last mile of wireless connectivity is killing the speed of mobile apps. This can only be solved by tackling what's currently out of your control: the network. That’s why we created Bolina.

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What we deliver

Wireless links are naturally unstable, your mobile app shouldn't be.

Shield every user
from link instability

Improve app performance for every user with an SDK that controls the network end-to-end, regardless of link conditions.

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Speed up mobile
content delivery

Speed up any type of content, even the ones that can’t be cached, such as dynamic or encrypted.

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Optimize your infrastructure

Deliver content worldwide from a single location or place your servers in more economical regions, reducing infrastructure costs and complexity.

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