Matching App Performance KPIs with business KPIs

User engagement, conversion and revenue are the KPIs that ultimately define the success of mobile apps. We all know it. But what drives these KPIs? In many cases, you have extraordinary content and everything smoothly designed for a great UX, yet user engagement is lagging. What's hiding?

Illustration depicting 2 second latency and the 5.8% drop-off for each additional seconds in video streaming mobile appsIllustration depicting the latency at startup and the decrease in convertion rate by 2.7% in e-commerce mobile apps

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What does success mean for a mobile app?

Matching app performance with business metrics is crucial to any mobile application aiming to continuously improve its customer journey.

How well an app performs has a clear impact on user experience, which, by a consequence, will heavily impact conversion rates and business revenue.

Rui Costa and João Almeida, from our team, will guide us through the different layers impacting the success of a mobile app in a webinar that promises to be a talking point. From the fundamental business KPIs to the deep impact of technical metrics like latency and network errors, they will explain how your company can better achieve business goals.

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Be the first to know when we have more webinars or content